We love the British Shorthaired Cat!

  • Rates ...our day rates are charged on a fully inclusive ‘per diem’ basis; including maid service, food and drink (excluding prescription diets)’ cat litter, heating and veterinary insurance.
  • Cats Sharing ...sharing of accommodation is only available to cats from the same household with compatible dispositions.
  • Neutered/Spayed ...cats over six months of age are only accepted if they have been neutered or spayed.
  • Deposits & Advances ...customers will be required to provide a non-returnable deposit to secure a booking and/or they may also be required to pay the cattery’s full contracted booked boarding period fee, also non-returnable, during especially busy periods.
  • Release Fees ...cats cannot be released until full payment has been received.
  • Early Pick-Ups ... although collection prior to the contracted departure date is not a problem, but needs to be previously agreed and confirmed at the discretion, please note that this is not always possible. Please note release fees include the day of arrival, the day of departure and all run over days requested too whether you collect early or not.
  • Tariff Changes ...please be aware that if you are booking boarding many months in advance, our tariff may have altered from the time of booking to when you board, as our fees are currently reviewed every three months to reflect the fast changing energy and food costs. All charges are on the website in date.
  • Transport ...cats must be transported in a secure and suitable pet carrier if the cat carrier is not clean and secure you will be refused entry.
  • Contact Number/s ...our cattery will require at least one phone and/or mobile number of a friend, relative or the owner/s in the event of any travel delays or unforeseen problems.
  • Belongings ...all personal belongings deposited at our cattery are left at the owner’s risk.
  • Treatments ...any treatment/s deemed necessary for a cats comfort and wellbeing, for example, worming, flea treatment, etc, will be carried out at the management’s discretion and charged to the owner/s prior to the cat’s release.
  • Vaccinations ...cats will not be accepted for boarding without their current vaccination card for immunisation against flue and enteritis; if you are unsure whether your cat’s vaccinations are up to date, please contact your veterinary surgery.
  • Medical History ...owners must inform our cattery at the time of booking and arrival of any medical history.
  • Medications ...our cattery will administer medication to manageable cats. However, should a cats risk causing harm to our cattery staff or to itself whilst medication is trying to be administered, making it impossible to treat the cat, then it will be necessary for the cat to be cared for by a veterinary surgeon, either at our cattery, or at the veterinary surgery. Any veterinary fees incurred in this situation will be charged to the cat’s owner/s prior to release. All medications must be prescribed by a vet and administered by a pharmacist in the correct packaging. No herbal medicines/ ointments can be given. All new clients must bring a letter from their vet advising the medical condition, length of diagnosis stating the cat is fit to board. This must be reissued every 3 years. A letter of consent is required from the owners stating that they agree the administration of medicines by the cattery to include the routine and administration method in accordance with the vet instructions for all medicines requiring administration signed and dated per visit. A fee of £5.00 (once a day meds) or £10.00 (twice a day meds) will be charged per week per cat in addition to your booking cost.
  • Refusals ...our cattery staff reserve the right to refuse admission of any cat/s that in their opinion show any signs of illness, pending veterinary advice.
  • Grooming ...the grooming of cats will be carried out as necessary, and it is appreciated if owners have their own grooming equipment that they bring it in with their cat/s. However, our cattery will not be responsible for grooming any cat/s that get distressed or risk causing harm to our staff whilst being groomed. The Cattery will not be held responsible for cats they have existing knots prior to entry.
  • Insurance ...our cattery will be responsible for any veterinary fees incurred through a problem developing with any cat/s whilst being boarded. Our cattery will not be responsible for any veterinary fees incurred whilst boarding for a cat/s that entered our cattery with an ongoing or reoccurring medical condition, and these fees will be charged to the owner/s. All insurance details must be provided in advance or methods of payment. Newnham Court Veterinary Practice is our cattery vet and all animals if required will be taken there for treatment.
  • Illness ...in the event of illness and/or accident our cattery veterinary surgeon will be called to attend and/or the cat/s may be removed to the veterinary surgeon’s care at the discretion of the proprietor/s and/or the management of our cattery. If contacting the owner/s or their representative/s is not possible, any treatment deemed necessary will be carried out without the owner/s consent.
  • Elderly Cats..... A signed letter must be required by owners whose cats are above 16 years of age or considered near the end of their life to advise the cattery end of life wishes. Due to the Animal Act 1963 and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Act 2006 any cat that passes away during its stay must be taken to a vet to be collected by the owner prior to passing, any veterinary charges will be the responsibility of the owner.
  • Responsibility ...whilst every care and precaution is taken with every cat/s boarded at our cattery, the proprietor/s and/or management cannot be held responsible for any illness, disease, accident or death that may occur during boarding.


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